CPPS Comannds

CPPS Commands

CPPS (Club Penguin Private Server) Commands!
To enter a command, follow these steps and you will succeed!

1) Add items to your penguin
To add items to your account is very simple.  Just a simple command.
All you have to do is say !AI then leave a space behind it (Don’t forget the space),
and then enter an item ID after the space.  Or, you could enter a random number
and be surprised at what you get!  Here is an example : !AI 171 —– This will add
the “red lei” to your inventory/account.  See….. simple!  Just remember, some CPPS’
make the red lei patched, meaning you can’t get it and may get a kick from the server
or a ban.

2) Add coins
This command will allow you to add lots of coins to your account.  You can add coins
from 1-4302736493821…… or more coins to your inventory.  Just type in :
!AC then a space after that, then the coin ammount you want!  It’s simple!
Here is an example : !AC 5000 —– This will add 5,000 coins to your

3) Change your pin
To change your pin just follow these steps that I am about to tell you.
You can change your pin to a beta hat, a lei, or any item.
Just say !PIN with a space after it, then put an item ID after that space
you entered.  Example : !PIN 413 —– This will make you have the beta hat as your pin.  You can still change your pin again, though.

4) Teleport
When you type in this command on a CPPS, it will allow you to go to any
room, even Rock Hopper’s Ship!  Just type in !JR space Room ID.
For example : !JR 100 —– This will alow you to teleport to the Town.
For the full list of classic Club Penguin room ID’s, visit the Room ID’s tab on
my website tab-bar.

5) Test Connection
This command will allow you to test your connection.  Like, if no one is typing or not doing anything, you would probably enter this command.  To test your connection just type
!PING“, or “!ping“, or “!Ping“, etc.  If you type in this command, the CPPS bot will say “Pong”.  This will, and should, work with any CPPS!

6) Find your ID
This command will make the CPPS bot display your ID.  Your ID is the number of which your account was registered.  For example, if you were the 458th person to register an account, you ID will be 458.  All you have to type in the chatbar is “!ID“.

 These commands will only work if you are a staff member of the CPPS.
1) Ban a player (STAFF ONLY)
This command will make you  ban a player from the CPPS or the server.  But, you cannot choose how long to ban the user, but you can unban them when you want to, if a different staff member does’nt first.  Just say  !BAN [Player name here].  For example, just say,       !BAN Enemy .